Did You Ever Dig A Hole, Trying To Find The Center Of The Earth? You Still Can, But You Just Need To Call 811 First.

811 is the “Call Before You Dig” phone number. Washington State has made it simple, easy, and free to call before you dig. This is because it’s so important to check for lines in your yard and prevent the accidental cutting or rupturing of a critical or dangerous line.

All Lines

With the introduction of many underground telephone, cable, internet, electric, water, sewer, and gas lines, it’s really tough to tell what’s under the earth and its exact location. If you dig and hit one of these lines, it can cost you thousands of dollars to repair and put you and your neighbors out of commission until the line is fixed. Therefore, don’t assume you know where all the lines are. Call before you dig. Remember this service is free and it’s there to help.


When you hire a professional service company or contractor, they will take care of this call before they start digging. This service is called a “Locate” and it’s free for companies as well. Locate means all and any of the parties who could potentially have a buried line in your yard are notified. For example, Puget Sound Energy checks for the presence of gas lines, Comcast checks for internet and TV cables, etc. All companies check their records to see if their lines are buried on your property. If so, someone comes out and marks the line location with spray paint. Different colors of paint indicate the type of line buried. If no lines are buried on your property, they give the “all clear” sign.

More Info

For more information, see the Call Before You Dig, and the Washington 811 websites.

Raymark Plumbing & Sewer Calls the Locate

At Raymark Plumbing & Sewer, we are happy to help with any of your external plumbing or side sewer line needs. We call in the Locate and ensure all lines are marked before we dig. No one should dig without a Locate. It’s the right thing to do, and it’s the law.

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