Raymark Plumbing and Sewer is the expert in recording and analyzing sewer videos. In fact, Raymark is known for the depth and breadth of our sewer and plumbing expertise.

We offer services in sewer cleaning, inspection, and jetting. And, of course, we perform sewer line repair and replacement.

We Fix the Problem

If you are experiencing slow drains, clogs, or sewer backups, Raymark will help.  Our cameras are created specifically to video sewer lines. Our technician will perform a visual inspection of your sewer line, assess its condition, and make recommendations. As a result, problems can be caught early and addressed before a larger problem or a backup occurs.  Call Raymark today at 206-430-1954 if you have any problems with your side sewer line.

Sewer Video

The process to record a video of your sewer line begins with a special high-resolution camera. Our technician attaches the camera to the end of a flexible cable. Then he inserts the cable into the line and begins recording. However, blockages in the line sometimes stop the camera from proceeding to the end. In these cases, the technician pulls the camera and then attempts to clear the line. When the line is clear, he resumes the video recording.

Video Inspection

During the video recording, images reveal breaks, holes, cracks, bellies, and other problems. The technician makes sure the images clearly capture the issues. At the same time, a radio transmitter records the depth and physical location of pipe defects and obstructions. 

Thereafter, we save the completed video scope online.


Without delay, Raymark’s sewer estimator reviews the video to determine if work is needed. If issues are found, the estimator recommends solutions based on the problems identified. Recommendations may include an estimate for repair or replacement of the side sewer line. 

Many factors are considered in the estimate. For example:

  • The length and depth of the sewer line
  • Material composition (clay pipe, concrete, plastic)
  • Age of line
  • Topography
  • Soil composition
  • Complex line layout

Lastly, the Raymark office sends the estimate to the customer for review. The estimate includes the problems found, proposed solutions,  and the price of each solution. In addition, we share the video with the homeowner as part of the estimate. 

Annual Video Inspection

If you have problems or potential problems with your sewer line, call Raymark to schedule an annual video inspection. The results of this inspection help determine the immediacy of when work is needed. For more information on your side sewer line, see our Sewer Repair and Replacement page.

Schedule your Raymark appointment today by calling 206-430-1954, or complete our Contact form.

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