Anything containing water has the potential to leak. Plumbing leaks can occur when a drain pipe develops a hole from corrosion, or a drain line is clogged and the water seeks a place to go. Leaks can also occur on water supply lines due to constant high water pressure, and continuous pulling and pushing actions that weaken pipes.

Signs of Leaks

  • Water stains or damage on a ceiling or wall  
  • Water pooled at the base of a toilet, at the base of a faucet, or under a sink
  • Standing water anywhere in a house
  • A mold smell under a sink or a musty smell in the basement or anywhere in the house
  • An unusually high water bill

Leak Detection

At times it can be difficult to tell where a leak is coming from since a leak may not originate from an obvious place. It could come from a radiant floor heater, a radiator, a hot water tank, a dishwasher, an ice-maker, or gutters filled with debris, and more. If you suspect a leak, or if you notice mildew, mold, or water stains, call Raymark Plumbing and Sewer at 206-430-1954. Raymark is experienced and knowledgeable in detecting leaks. Our expert plumbers will locate the source of any leak and make the needed repairs.

Prevent Water Damage

It’s important to take care of leaks right away because waiting increases the chances of costly water damage to your ceilings, walls, hardwood floors, carpets, and furniture. If you suspect a leak, call Raymark today for an assessment of the problem. Our experienced technician will make recommendations and give you options for repairs.

If you have a water service leak, please see our Water Line Repair page.

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  • I sometimes hear water running when there’s no water turned on in my house. Does that mean I have a leak?

    You may have a water line leak. Call Raymark Plumbing and Sewer. We will locate and repair the leak.

  • What is a water alarm?

    A water alarm is a small and inexpensive device you can purchase at a hardware store.  Place a water alarm near your water heater, wash machine, furnace pump, sump pump, dishwasher, and anywhere else a leak may occur.  When the device comes into contact with water, an audible alarm sounds.

    Water alarms are great for basements, a rarely used bathroom, or other areas you don’t frequent on a daily basis. Acting immediately can help prevent water damage to floors, walls, and furniture. 

    There are also high end water alarms your plumber can tell you about. Call Raymark Plumbing and Sewer to contain your home’s water leak.