Many Seattle homeowners are busy people with little time to manage their home’s health.  Raymark specializes in helping busy people solve immediate and long-term plumbing problems. In addition, we are experts in diagnosing potential fresh and wastewater issues.


When you call Raymark with a plumbing problem, we send a professional, licensed, and experienced plumber. 

  • Our technicians are experts in their field. Above all, each is knowledgeable and skilled in plumbing and sewer solutions.
  • Raymark plumbers are always courteous, friendly, and helpful.
  • Technicians remove their shoes or wear shoe covers in your home. Also, they use drop cloths and floor protectors to maintain the cleanliness of your home.
  • Your Raymark plumber arrives at your door in uniform, at a time convenient to you.


We know that some repairs are unforeseen. However, others can be identified and addressed before they become damaging and costly.

It is less expensive to get a job done before it grows large and to get work done right the first time. This takes knowledge, experience, and expertise. These are skills that Raymark technicians continuously practice.

Raymark is known for employing the best plumbers and utility workers in Seattle. We offer competitive, honest, and upfront pricing for all of our services.  Upfront pricing means there are no surprises.  You accept the price before the plumber begins work.


When a Raymark plumbing arrives at your home, he first determines the problem. Second, he provides solutions.

  • When the initial job is complete, your technician will request a look at additional plumbing in your home. Because all plumbing is connected, this action helps him to assess the overall health of your lines. In truth, plumbing and sewer lines should flow freely with no leaks.
  • Then, any additional work is usually done at a discount, since the technician is already in your home. So, be sure and tell your technician about any other plumbing or sewer issues you’ve noticed.


Call Raymark Plumbing and Sewer today at 206-430-1954. We’ll schedule a Raymark technician to find a solution to your plumbing problem. As a result, we help you build a healthy and happy home.

Visit our Services page for more information about the specific area where you may need an estimate or a diagnosis.

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  • Do you give free estimates?

    When you call Raymark Plumbing and Sewer to get a solution to a problem, we send a professional, licensed, and experienced plumber to your home.  Our technicians are experts in their field and each holds considerable knowledge of his profession. This knowledge is not free, but we often have discount coupons and sometimes waive our dispatch fee.  We stand behind our knowledgeable estimates and excellent diagnostic skills.

  • What do you mean by diagnostics?

    Diagnostics is a task our plumbers sometimes perform to understand the root of a problem and find viable solutions.

    To correctly assess a situation, a plumber may have to cut into a wall to visually see a problem, or dig to view a water or drain line. Some problems are easy to solve and some are difficult. It is the difficult ones that may require diagnostics before proceeding with an estimate.