The Words “Gutters, Downspouts, And Downspout Drains” Don’t Form The Same Mental Images For Everyone.

Therefore, some pictures and definitions may help explain the differences between these terms.

Gutters are the horizontal metal or plastic narrow troughs installed just below a roof to collect rainwater and funnel it into a downspout.

Downspouts are the vertical metal or plastic pipes that run from the roof and down the outside of a house. They channel the water from the gutter to the downspout drain. Downspouts are sometimes called downpipes. A home usually has several to many downspouts.

Downspout drains collect the rainwater from the downspouts. Most importantly, they direct water away from the house foundation.

Downspout Drains

Good drainage ensures rainwater won’t pool directly below the downspout. The redirected water flows into a designated drain in an above-ground location, into a below-ground drain field, or into the side sewer line.

Downspouts should not drain directly down onto the ground next to your home, as in the image below. The result is erosion and rainwater leaking into your basement or crawlspace.

Maintain gutters and downspouts at least annually, and more often if trees drop needles and leaves onto the roof.

Drain Blockages

Let us know if you experience a blocked downspout drain. Raymark Plumbing & Sewer will investigate where the blockage occurs.

For example, some drain lines are connected to the sewer line and have a P trap installed to trap sewer gas. This P trap can make it problematic to snake. Sometimes a smaller snake can open a clogged line but this is not a long-term solution.

Similarly, if the P trap is filled with debris from the roof, vacuuming may open the line. But when a P trap can’t be cleared, we may recommend replacing it and providing a clean-out. The clean-out allows us to clear and maintain blockages.

Other downspout drains direct water to a rock pocket or gravel pit. These can be replaced if needed. In addition, depending on the circumstances, other solutions may allow the water to be redirected.

Call Raymark Plumbing & Sewer at (206) 440-9077 to clear your downspout drains and solve your drain problems. We help the homeowner find creative solutions to diverting rainwater. For gutter and downspout cleaning, we recommend working with a local gutter company.

Keep the water flowing!

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