Raymark Plumbing and Sewer is truly a drain specialist.  We are known in the industry for solving any and all drain problems, and we are the experts in drain solutions.

Drain Cleaning and Repair

Every home contains multiple drains and drain lines. These lines should be kept clear to function properly and keep wastewater flowing out of your home. Water and drain lines are much like our circulatory system – small lines and veins flow into larger lines and arteries. When the larger lines become slow or clogged, serious back-ups and stoppages can occur. At the first sign of a slowdown, call Raymark Plumbing and Sewer to have your drain lines cleaned.  Give yourself peace of mind and give your home a clean bill of health.

Typical Findings

Ideally, wastewater is the only thing flowing through your drain lines.  The reality is that many factors can cause slow drains, clogs, or backed-up drain lines. For example:

  • Blockages form due to foreign objects put into drain lines or toilets. Those can include wipes, toys, and anything with a string, like tampons, dental floss, and tea bags.
  • Age contributes to corrosion, holes, clogs, and breaks in the line.
  • A smaller clog could be pushed down into a larger line that already has some obstructions, causing a major backup.
  • Obstructions from tree roots or rocks outside

Efficient Drain Lines

Call Raymark Plumbing and Sewer for regular or emergency drain cleaning. We are here to help you maintain your home at its maximum efficiency by:

  • Cleaning the p-traps under your sinks
  • Testing toilet tanks and bowls to ensure they are draining properly
  • Checking for leaks
  • Conducting routine drain cleanings using plumbing snakes or hydro jetting methods

Drain Clog Prevention

Pay attention to your drains. The sound of water running freely down the drain is the sound you want to hear. If you don’t hear that, keep an eye on that drain and call Raymark to clean it if needed.

To prevent slow drains and clogs, allow only wastewater in your drain pipes.  Because that is difficult, here are some specific suggestions that will help:

Catch Debris

  • Place a mesh strainer or screen over your drain openings. This strainer or filter will gather the hair, soap chips, and food particles from going down the drain, which will save you trouble and money down the road. Most soaps are made from fats and contribute to build-ups. Clean these screens regularly and you won’t have to call us later.

Review Drain Layout

  • Assess your drain line layout. Every layout is different and some drain pipes are difficult to reach. Others may be hidden behind walls, floors, or below the ground. Our Raymark technicians are happy to come out and assess problem areas and offer solutions. We can insert a camera into a drain line in order to view what’s going on. This works well when lines are inaccessible, or when a line has a sharp turn.  To avoid repeated plumbing visits, it may be expedient to replace a section of the drainpipe with a smoother turn or a more gravity-efficient layout.

No Grease

  • Do not put oil or grease down kitchen drains, bathroom drains, or the toilet.  Water can’t cut through oil, and grease solidifies in the drain and causes blockages. We recommend wiping grease from pots, pans, and dishes with a paper towel before washing them, and throwing the paper towel in the garbage. Furthermore, the City of Seattle’s recycling program recommends large amounts of grease and fats go in the garbage, and not in your compost container.

No Chemicals

  • Do not use chemicals to clear a clogged drain. Any substance that eats through hair and grease will also eat through your pipes and garbage disposal. If you pour drain cleaner into your sink and then call a plumber, it is likely the plumber will come into contact with these corrosive chemicals. Call us first; let Raymark take care of the problem and use methods safe for everyone.

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rain drops


  • Our bathroom sink is always clogged with hair. Any suggestions on this issue?

    The easiest option is to place an inexpensive mesh strainer in the sink. This strainer will catch hair and other debris before it goes down the drain and creates a clog.

    In addition, an effective but perhaps less feasible option is to install the bathroom mirror in a location other than over the sink.  This moves the task of brushing hair away from the sink and prevents hair from falling into the drain.


  • Can I sign up for an annual inside drain cleaning service?

    Yes, call Raymark Plumbing and Sewer for regular drain cleaning. Our experienced and expert plumbers will check all of your drains and clean them as needed. As a result, you have free-flowing shower, sink, tub, and toilet drain lines.

  • My drains are clogged. What do I do?

    Call Raymark Plumbing and Sewer if you experience backups, clogs, or slow drains. Raymark’s experienced and expert technicians clean your drain lines, remove grease and hair from your p-traps, open up clogged lines, and handle any drain or sewer issues you have. 

    In fact, Raymark plumbers are the professional experts for all of your plumbing and sewer needs. Call us today at 206-430-1954.