Common Seattle Toilet Problems

  • Leaking Toilet – Toilets can leak from multiple places. Water may show up on the floor, at the base of the toilet, or it may be leaking internally.
  • Clogs – When you have a toilet clog, a plunger is a great tool. The toilet plunger has an outer flange that fits into the hole at the bottom of the toilet and can be purchased at any hardware store. The flat bottom plunger shape is designed to plunge a sink.
  • Difficult to flush – Toilets that don’t completely flush may need adjusting, they may be partially plugged, or it is old and needs to be replaced.
  • Rocking Toilet – A toilet shouldn’t rock or move at all when you sit on it. If this is happening, the toilet may need to be adjusted or reset. It may be that the bolts attaching the toilet to the floor have come loose. If your toilet needs updating, use this opportunity to purchase a new one.
  • Lead Bend Failing – A lead (pronounced led) bend is a short piece of pipe installed on toilets up until the 1920s.