Your water heater should continuously deliver hot water when you bathe, do dishes, mop floors, and wash the dog. If you are waiting for the water to get hot, or you run out of hot water, you may have a problem with your hot water tank. Call Raymark Plumbing and Sewer for all of your water heater needs. Ask us about our lifetime no-leak warranty on electric water heaters, and options on tankless water heaters.

Stay in Hot Water

The traditional hot water heater pulls in freshwater, heats, and stores it, and then delivers it upon request. This cycle repeats itself multiple times per day and that’s a lot of work on the hot water tank.  Hot water tanks tend to corrode and then leak as they age. To avoid problems that may arise as a water tank ages, hot water heaters should be replaced after 10 years of service. 

If your hot water tank is over 10 years old, call Raymark Plumbing and Sewer today. Our expert technicians will provide pricing for a new tank, install earthquake strapping, install an expansion tank if needed, and haul away your old tank. Don’t wait for a leak or a malfunction to occur. Call Raymark to ensure you and your family can rely on hot water whenever needed.

Water Heater Maintenance 

  • Every two years, ask a certified service technician to inspect your water heater. Raymark technicians check the drain valve for signs of leakage and make sure your tank is performing as expected. As a result, your hot water tank may perform longer.
  • Contact Raymark Plumbing and Sewer to check your hot water heater and keep it operating efficiently.

Water Heater Repair or Replacement

Since hot water heaters are designed to last about 10 years, it is usually more economical to replace a tank around that age rather than repair it. You may wait longer to replace the tank if it’s working well, but we’ve found that repairing tanks 8 years and older is not cost-effective. In addition, make sure an older tank is located in a place where a leak will not cause property damage.

Below are signs your water heater needs to be repaired or replaced:

  • Less hot water than usual may result from loose wires, failing elements, or a dip tube needing repair.
  • Water suddenly too hot or too cold is usually a thermostat problem.  Check the thermostat to see if it is working. Ask your household members if anyone turned the temperature up or down. Our plumbers report that this often happens.
  • Leaks can form due to a loose pipe, a faulty pressure relief valve, or cracks and holes in the tank.  A tank continuously expands and contracts as it heats and cools down.  This continuous fluctuation weakens the tank over time and creates those cracks and holes.
  • Strange noises can indicate sediment building up at the bottom of the tank. Call Raymark to assess this and all of your water heater problems.

Choosing The Right Ones for Your Needs

Enlist the expertise of Raymark Plumbing and Sewer before you purchase a new water heater. Our knowledgeable plumbers will help you to make the right choice for your home.

  • Water heater options are electric, gas, and gas tankless, and each type has its benefits and levels of energy efficiency. In addition, we offer new laser-welded electric tanks that are guaranteed “no-leak” for life.
  • Call Raymark Plumbing and Sewer at 206-430-1954. Our techs will help assess your needs and recommend a hot water heater. 
  • We can also help convert your home to a gas hot water heater instead. We install gas water heaters and the needed gas line in homes where gas is already in place. See our Gas Lines page for more information.

Schedule your Raymark appointment today by calling 206-430-1954 or complete our Contact form.

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Water Heater FAQs

  • Does Raymark install tankless water heaters?

    Raymark installs the Navien brand of tankless water heaters. Call us to see if tankless would be a good choice for your home’s hot water needs. 

    One advantage of tankless is that it can save space.  A disadvantage is tankless costs more than standard water heaters.