A repipe is a common plumbing service we perform in Seattle and is a complete replacement of the water lines inside your home. A repipe is a common plumbing service in which all of the existing pipes in your home are completely replaced. Repipes are usually needed when old plumbing pipes deteriorate and corrode.

  • Galvanized iron pipes, also called galvanized pipes, are actually steel pipes coated with a layer of zinc. The zinc was added to extend the life of the pipe but it contained lead and other metals. These pipes were commonly installed in homes built in Seattle before 1970.
  • Corrosion and lead are the main concerns with galvanized pipes. Lead can also be found in the connections to the city’s lead pipes in the street.
  • As pipes corrode over time, rust debris forms and reduce the diameter of the pipe. This can reduce the water flow to your fixtures and can create water quality issues. In addition, the corrosion can cause galvanized pipes to leak and can cause water damage to your property.

Test your pipes to see if they are galvanized by placing a magnet on a bit of exposed pipe in your home. A magnet will stick to the galvanized pipe. Magnets won’t stick to copper or plastic pipes.