French Drain? (It Sounds Expensive.)

As you know, Seattle gets a fair share of rain. Most people learn to love the rain when they live here, but no one loves what rain water can do if it seeps into your home.

Directing rain water away from your home is the key to keeping your basement, crawlspace, or lower level of your house dry. Adding a French drain is one option to direct rain and ground water to a location away from your home. However, our Raymark Plumbing & Sewer expert will come out and assess the problem and then advise you on what kind of drain solution best meets your needs.

What’s French About It?

According to the internet, a French drain is not from France. It comes from an 1800’s farming practice popularized by a man named Henry French.

Drain Works

A French drain begins with a perforated pipe. This pipe has small holes that collect and release water. It is positioned at a slope to ensure the water will flow away from your home via gravity.

If the drain is outside, gravel or small rock can be placed over the pipe. Then, when water seeks the lowest spot, it finds the rocks and the pipe. The water flows down through the pipe and to another location away from your foundation.

Good Neighbor

It’s important to be aware of where this water is going. When houses are built close to each other, as in Seattle neighborhoods, redirecting water can be a problem. You don’t want to redirect your water toward your neighbor’s basement or foundation. Instead, choose a garden or tree location in your yard.

Remember to call Raymark Plumbing & Sewer for all of your drain and water containment needs. We are drainage and water experts.

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