Last Month’s Article On How To Bathe In Space Got Us Thinking About How To Best Bathe Here On Earth.

A bath should be like your favorite cup of tea. Have it in a great container, at the temperature you like, with a ritual of relaxation. Even if you don’t have a giant or beautiful tub, your bath needs to be calming and refreshing, and ideally a refuge from the stress of daily tasks. If it is not, well there’s the shower.

A tub, hot water, and some peace are essential. The other elements that create a great bathing experience can be candles, scented oils, bubbles, a glass of wine, music, and a good book.

Here are some additional recommendations to help give you the best bath on Earth.

A Clean Bath Tub

A clean tub is inviting. Don’t share your bathtub with your dog. Dogs don’t care what a tub looks like. Buy Fido a dog tub and take back your master bath. It will stay cleaner which is more relaxing for you.

To keep your tub ready to go, practice cleaning it at the end of your bath, just before you get out of the tub. Pull the plug and use your washcloth to wipe down the sides and bottom of the tub while you are still in it. When the water has drained, give it a good rinse with clean water.

If you clean and rinse the tub right away, it doesn’t need scrubbing. The dirt will flow down the drain with the bathwater. When you get out, you are refreshed and you know your tub is ready for your next bath.

A Secure Drain

Did you ever stuff a washcloth into the drain because you couldn’t find the plug? Does the water level in the tub slowly lower while you are relaxing or reading? If you are missing the drain plug or it doesn’t seal like it used to, call a plumber. In fact, call Raymark Plumbing & Sewer. We can fix this and keep the water in the tub where it should be. We would like you to relax, and not worry about hot water slowly leaking away.

A Clean Drain

Many things can get caught in the drain and cause a slow or clogged drain line. We find pieces of soap, hair, toys from the dog or child, jewelry, contact lenses, etc. Hair is the most common drain clog, and that happens over time.

Buy an inexpensive mesh strainer to place over the drain to catch anything other than water. Empty it into the garbage can after all water has drained from the tub. Then commend yourself for taking such good care of your tub drain. This practice can save you hundreds of dollars. We know.

Enjoy your bath. Make it one of your many relaxing experiences here on Earth.

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