Consider Planting A Tree To Improve Your Yard’s Drainage Problems And Improve Life In General.

Improve Drainage

Planting trees on your property can make a big difference on your yard’s drainage. Trees collect rain water on their leaves, and their root structure absorbs water from the soil. The water is then released slowly back to the earth and into the atmosphere.

This natural process helps reduce the amount of water in your yard and can help eliminate pooling and flooding.

Some trees require a lot of water. One of these may be ideal for a yard with a standing water problem, but make sure it will get plenty of water year around. You don’t want the tree seeking water in your side sewer line.

Improve Water Quality

Trees protect water quality by filtering the water through their roots and soil, reducing storm water runoff that may contain oils, fertilizers and pesticides.

Paved roads, sidewalks, and parking lots cannot absorb water so trees become imperative for collecting and filtering water. In addition, tree roots help eliminate soil erosion by holding the soil in place and not letting it wash away.

Improve Life

Trees are not only the lungs of the earth, they help keep us cool in the hot summer months, provide homes for birds, and are a beautiful and majestic species. Learn more about the benefits of urban trees.


  • Trees seek water in dry months. Therefore, you don’t want tree roots near your side sewer line because they can grow into the pipe and clog it. Before planting trees, locate your side sewer line using this King County map.
  • Ask an experienced tree nursery person for tree advice and recommendations.
  • Call Raymark Plumbing & Sewer if you need tree roots removed from your side sewer line.
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