It’s Rainy Season! And That Means We Need To Keep Water Flowing.

Unless you are a duck or have new galoshes, no one wants water pooling in the yard, driveway, basement, or crawl space. Standing water is usually an indicator that a drain is not working. Keep water contained where you want it, in containers like birdbaths and swimming pools.

Check Drains

Walk around your home, yard, and neighborhood. Notice the drains and where the water flows. Check your exterior drains and catch basins.

Look for drains that are plugged. Keep a tool and/or gloves handy to clear drains of leaves, sticks, branches, and garbage from the street. This seemingly small task will help prevent water from backing up into the street, the yard, and your home.

Contain Water

Many Seattle yards are not level, just as nature intended. To prevent water damage, the ideal slope of a yard is the direction away from your home. Leveling or re-sloping your yard is one option of redirecting water away from the basement or lower level. Another option is to reduce standing water around the house by planting a rain garden, indigenous plants, and small native trees and shrubs. Plants drink and hold a lot of water.

Installing a new drain where one does not currently exist outside the home may also help. Or, install a sump pump in the basement. The pump kicks on when it senses water, preventing costly water damage. Raymark Plumbing & Sewer can help with these options.

Get Help

If you see a clogged drain in a public space, and you can’t easily remove the leaves or debris out of the water’s path, report the drain to Seattle Public Utilities 24/7 Operations Response Center at (206) 440-9077.

If you have water pooling around one of your exterior drains, at the base of the downspouts on your property, or in your yard or driveway, call Raymark Plumbing & Sewer. We direct water to places it won’t cause damage.

Keep Water Flowing

All water is trying to return to the sea. Give water a helping hand and keep it flowing. Call Raymark Plumbing & Sewer. We contain water. (206) 440-9077

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