It’s Exciting To Think About A Remodel.

Maybe you want to change your bathroom, your kitchen, or the entire house. When imagining a new and fabulous kitchen, some may think it’s an easy job –- just move the pipes from here to here.

However, a bathroom or kitchen remodel can involve: the incoming water line, the out-going drain lines, the drain lines tying into the side sewer line, the location of the refrigerator with an ice maker, the dishwasher, a gas line to the stove, the type of sink, the type of faucet, the counter tops, cabinets, walls, floor, and ceiling. Coordinating, buying, and installing all of this requires a detailed plan.

Having a plan on paper is the key to success. And the key to success is a plan. Yes, we just wanted to reiterate that important fact because when we get requests for an estimate for a new kitchen or bathroom, there’s sometimes no plan to show our estimator what’s wanted. The so-called easy jobs become the hardest when the details are not considered.

To materialize your vision, make a plan and hire professionals to carry out that plan.


  • A remodel should never be an emergency. We recommend you plan and plan. (And plan.)
  • Visit kitchen and bathroom showrooms. Note what you like and dislike about them. It is equally important to tell your contractor and architect what you want and don’t want. The planning stage is the time to ask questions and make changes.
  • Note prices. Many faucets, sinks, and toilets come in good, better, and best models. Choose the ones which fit into your budget. You can change out a toilet or a faucet in 10 years if you want to upgrade.
  • Think of the tasks you do in the kitchen that can be made more comfortable. Is your current workspace too low or too high? Do you need a chopping block next to the stove or next to the sink?
  • Consider under counter and over counter sinks
  • Determine if new cabinets can be installed or the old ones can be refurbished
  • Consider the location. The project becomes larger and more expensive if the existing kitchen and bath plumbing will be moved to a new location in the house.
  • Consider adding a bidet to your master bath. And maybe a rain shower.
  • Work with a contractor to schedule Raymark Plumbing & Sewer to help with your Seattle area remodel.

Your Contractor

Because there are many parts to consider when planning a remodel, Raymark Plumbing & Sewer strongly recommends you hire a general contractor. The general contractor is the project manager and the liaison between all of the professionals hired. Think of them as the conductor of the orchestra. The builder, electrician, plumber, tiler, dry-waller, and painter all need to perform their work in a specific order.

Your contractor will schedule the professionals and order the materials when they are needed. This minimizes expenses, assigns dates and times, and identifies the dependencies on other work.

The contractor’s goal is to ensure the finished results match your plan, and to complete the remodel within your budget and time frame. If you don’t have a contractor, we can recommend one that we work with on a regular basis.

Call Raymark Plumbing & Sewer

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