Happy Birthday, Dear Raymark Plumbing & Sewer!

This summer, Raymark Plumbing & Sewer celebrates 45 years in business. We cannot believe 45 years have slipped by. In that time, we’ve conducted a major move (from the University Village area to our current location on Lake City Way), we’ve wished a ‘happy retirement’ to our founders Ray and Mark, and a few other old-timers, and we’ve continued to educate our team and grow our customer base.

Embrace Change

Recently, Covid took two years off our planning and strategy schedule but most of our team stuck through it and most of our customers hung in there to schedule us during that time. (Covid is not ‘done’, but we are getting back to a sense of normal. We continue to mask up and wash hands a lot in addition to practicing social distancing and Covid awareness.)

Our cells continuously regenerate and we’ve done the same. Plumbing and drain work evolves according to season, terrain, fixture trends, technology, materials, and more. We stay informed and updated. We train our apprentices and techs on how to keep themselves and our customers safe on jobs, how to perform the best work, and how to think on our feet.

Embrace Growth

We replace old trucks and tools and train office staff members. Our plumbers earn continuous education credits and our apprentices become certified plumbers and graduate to their own trucks.

We meet customers new to Seattle, and we follow our long-term customers as they update their existing homes or move to new homes. We invest in our employees. Also, we paint our building and make improvements. Through all the changes, we are still family and women owned.

Embrace Life

As we celebrate our 45th birthday among this circle of life/business cycle in our ever-growing beloved home city of Seattle, we want to remind everyone to celebrate your milestones, anniversaries, and birthdays. Celebrate your growth and your commitment to making things better. Eat cake! Go on rides! Tell your people that you love them.

Call Raymark Plumbing & Sewer when you need plumbing, drain, and sewer help: (206) 440-9077. Thank you for reading!

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