Seattle is located in an amazing natural environment. The Cedar and Tolt River watersheds readily supply the city and surrounding areas with clean and great-tasting water. As a result, Seattle has the best tap water in any city in the country. 

 Is a Water Filter needed?

If Seattle’s water is so great, is a water filter needed? Although Seattle tap water is clean and soft, it also contains fluoride, chlorine, and other contaminants. However, these can be easily filtered out with a Custom Pure water filter, giving homeowners the highest purity of drinking and cooking water.


Due to these additives and contaminants, Raymark recommends Custom Pure Water filters.  Custom Pure is a local company, dedicated to providing Seattle with the highest quality drinking water.

  • Our recommended type of water filter is called Point of Use. This filter is designed for one location, usually the kitchen, as the best method to remove fluoride, chlorine, and lead.
  • Furthermore, the Custom Pure MB Series filters have been designed specifically for use on water supplies similar in quality to that found in Seattle.

 Installation Method

In brief, our Raymark technicians offer two installation methods:

  • The recommended method is installing a dedicated faucet for filtered water at your kitchen sink
  • The “inline” method is running all of the cold water at the kitchen faucet through a water filter

 Filter Models

In either case, Custom Pure offers a variety of models and sizes to meet different capacity needs. In order to determine the size of the water filter needed, select the gallons per year based on the number in your household.

  • On average, a 1-2 person household will use 500 gallons of drinking and cooking water in one year  
  • A 3-4 person household will use about 1000 gallons
  • A 5-6 person household may use about 2000 gallons  

 MB Series

Gallons Per Year* Model
500-600 Counter Top MB612
500-600 MB612-EB
1000-1200 MB618-EB
1800-2000 MB818-EB
2000-2400 MB618 Plus-EB

*To clarify, this estimated capacity is based on the use of the Seattle water supply.  If used on water sources with higher mineral content, the capacity may be markedly reduced.  

In summary, call Raymark Plumbing and Sewer today to find out more about water filter installation and the benefits of filtering your drinking water.

  • Visit Custom Pure for more information on water filters.
  • Also, visit our Water Lines page for more information on water lines.

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  • What kind of water filters do you have available?

    We’d like to direct you to Custom Pure’s web page called Products for Drinking Water.

    Raymark recommends Custom Pure. We’ve installed a Custom Pure water filter at our shop and we all drink delicious purified water. Having a water filter under your kitchen sink is a life changer. Plus, these filters require no electricity.

    Indoor plants love chlorine and fluoride free water too.