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Our technicians are trained to diagnose the source of problems and offer the best solutions and services. Raymark’s dedication and expertise are the reason we have been Seattle’s go-to plumber for over 45 years. We are the experts in water lines (water flowing into and inside your home), drain lines (water flowing out of and outside your home), leak repair, and water containment. We want your water to stay inside your hot water tank, inside the pipes and faucets, and inside your hoses. Raymark helps you keep ahead of leaks and away from water damage.

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Common Toilet Problems Leaking Toilet – Toilets can leak from multiple places. Water may show up on the floor, at Read More


Gas Lines

Raymark plumbers are professional and experienced gas line certified technicians.  If you already have gas in your home, we will Read More



A room or entire home remodel are exciting projects.  When planning a bath or kitchen remodel, Raymark recommends hiring a Read More


Water Filters

Seattle is located in an amazing natural environment. The Cedar and Tolt River watersheds readily supply the city and surrounding Read More



A sump pump removes groundwater and discharges it to an outside area. Sump pumps run on electricity and are fairly Read More


Garbage Disposals

We have a friend who dumps the leftovers from her family dinner directly into her garbage disposal. Luckily, she knows Read More


Faucet Repair and Replacement

Raymark Plumbing and Sewer repairs and replaces all types of faucets. We also diagnose and fix water flow problems. If Read More


Repipe Services

A repipe is a complete replacement of the water lines inside your home.  The most common reason for a repipe Read More


Water Line Repair

“Waterlines” can refer to freshwater or wastewater. On this page, we are referring to the outside pipes that bring fresh Read More


Water Heaters

Your water heater should continuously deliver hot water when you bathe, do dishes, mop floors, and wash the dog. If Read More


Plumbing Leak Repair

Anything containing water has the potential to leak. Plumbing leaks can occur when a drain pipe develops a hole from Read More

Raymark  Sewer


Raymark not only has the skills and tools needed to repair or replace your sewer and drain lines, but we are the Seattle experts in this field. We are also registered Side Sewer Contractors and are licensed to work in the City of Seattle right-of-way. Raymark offers services in sewer cleaning, inspection, videos, trenchless technology, and jetting. With a video and an inspection report, we can give the homeowner an estimate for any specific sewer repairs needed. Often, there are options for immediate and long-term fixes. We also send you your sewer video so you can share it with others if wanted.

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Estimates and Diagnostics

Many Seattle homeowners are busy people with little time to manage their home’s health.  Raymark specializes in helping busy people Read More


Emergency Services

You may have clicked on “Emergency Services” because you need help NOW.  Your emergency is our emergency.  If you are Read More


Hydro Jet

Get the water flowing again with a hydro jet drain cleaning service. Our hydro jetting technology can blast away any Read More



Raymark uses trenchless technology to repair and replace sewer lines. In fact, Raymark was the first company in Seattle to Read More


Drain Cleaning and Repair

Raymark Plumbing and Sewer is truly a drain specialist.  We are known in the industry for solving any and all Read More


Sewer Video and Inspection

Raymark Plumbing and Sewer is the expert in recording and analyzing sewer videos. In fact, Raymark is known for the Read More


Sewer Repair and Replacement

Raymark Plumbing and Sewer specializes in sewer repair and replacement.  We not only have the skills and tools needed to Read More