The Pipes That Bring Fresh Water Into Your Home Are Called The Water Service.

The city’s main water line delivers drinking water to the water meter and shut off valve location, and then into your home or building. Water service pipes are usually buried in the part of the yard that faces the city street.

The city main water lines run under the street and are maintained by Seattle Public Utilities. The water line from the city water meter into each home is the homeowner’s responsibility.

Composition and Location

Residential water lines can be made of copper, plastic, galvanized iron, or ductile iron. Use this link to find out what your city water pipes are made of.

Water lines can be damaged by a shovel, so it is important to locate your water service before you dig. Call 811, the Call Before You Dig phone line, or go online to this website and make a request to have your lines located. Utility workers will indicate the location of your water line and any other lines buried in your yard. This free residential service was created to prevent accidental damage to water, cable, fiber optic, electrical, sewer, and other lines when digging. The water line location will be marked with the color blue.

Common Signs of Leaks

An elevated water bill is the most common indicator of a water leak in your water service. Often it is the only symptom. But leaks can occur for years without being noticed. Other potential indicators are:

  • The sound of water running when everything in the house is turned off.
  • A patch of lawn that is always green when other areas are not.
  • Water pools in a walkway or driveway when there has been no rain for days.

Water services may fail and leak due to the old age of pipes succumbing to water pressure, rocks or roots pressing against the pipe, or roots finding a pinhole or crack in the pipe and forcing it open over time.

When you Find or Suspect a Leak

To test if you have a water leak, turn off all of the water in your house. Go outside and look at the water meter in your yard. Read and note the meter’s numbers. Wait 30 minutes and take another reading. If the number has changed, water is leaking somewhere. Click this link to help locate and read your water meter.

In addition, a leak detection company can check for leaks and locate a leak in your yard. Raymark Plumbing & Sewer can then repair or replace the water line. Getting the leak located first means less digging to find the source of the problem.

  • If you have an active water leak, see this Seattle Public Utilities link on how to shut off your water. Of course, shutting off water at the meter will shut off water to your entire house.
  • If you find water running on a neighboring property, call the Seattle emergency line at (206) 440-9077.

Change Water Pressure

You may be able to change your home’s water pressure with these two options:

  • If you have High water pressure, Raymark Plumbing & Sewer can install a Pressure Reducing Valve. This valve regulates the water pressure, reduces the pressure on the water line, and increases the life span of the pipe.
  • If you have Low water pressure, Raymark Plumbing & Sewer can install a booster pump to increase the water flow.

Call Raymark Plumbing & Sewer for any water service problems. Our expert and knowledgeable technicians find solutions to stop water line leaks and can perform a water service repair or water service replacement. (206) 440-9077.

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