Most households perceive the water heater as a crucial piece of equipment because it provides them with the hot water they use for many distinct purposes daily. However, various visible signs can show your water heater requires replacement, as is the case with all appliances eventually. If you disregard symptoms of a deteriorating water heater, your home will suffer numerous inconveniences. Consider the following indications before substituting your water heater with a new one.

1. The Age of the Water Heater

One of the primary signs you should consider before swapping out your water heater is the length of time it has been in use. Traditional and tankless water heaters differ in their life spans, which can be ten years and over 20 years, respectively. If your water heater has surpassed its life expectancy, it is crucial to consider contacting a plumbing service provider such as us at Raymark Plumbing & Sewer for a replacement.

2. Inadequate Supply of Hot Water

If you realize that your water heater has reduced the amount it produces or it struggles to maintain a steady temperature, it might indicate inner wear and tear. Sediment might have built up in the tank, or a failing element might be the cause. Both can be a sign that your water heater is on its last legs.

3. Leakage

You should take any leakage around your water heater seriously. Even minor leaks can quickly intensify into serious water damage issues, resulting in your home suffering from structural problems and mold growth. Consider replacing your water heater when you notice water puddles around its base.

4. Eccentric Noises

Sediment can accumulate at the base of your water heater’s tank over time. It can make your water heater produce banging, popping, or rumbling noises during operation. These sounds can signify that the heating element is overworking. These are indications of declining efficiency and a heightened threat of unexpected failure.

5. Recurrent Repairs

If you often contact the plumber for problems related to your water heater, purchasing a new unit is the advisable option. Doing so would probably be more cost-effective. Aging water heaters are increasingly vulnerable to breakdowns and failures, resulting in recurrent repair charges that can add up.

6. Rusty Water

Discolored or rusty water coming from your hot water taps shows that the inside of your water tank has rusted. A deteriorating tank pollutes your water supply, affecting its quality and taste. If you notice discolored or rusty water coming out of the water tank, you should consult one of our expert plumbers from Raymark Plumbing & Sewer to evaluate your water heater’s condition. The plumber would then recommend the best course of action for you to take.

7. Increased Utility Bills

Water heaters become less efficient when they age, causing them to require additional energy to heat the same amount of water. If you realize that your energy bills have risen without an equivalent rise in usage, your water heater could be causing the problems. In this case, consider purchasing a more energy-efficient unit to help you reduce utilization costs in the long run.

8. Noticeable Corrosion

Examine your water heater’s exterior regularly for signs of corrosion, including rusty spots. In addition, inspect whether pipes and fittings have corroded. Corrosion causes a tank’s structural integrity to weaken, heightening the threat of water damage or leaks. If you discover notable corrosion, consider investing in a new water heater.

9. Varying Water Temperatures

Inconsistent water temperatures or unexpected cold-water blasts when showering indicate a deteriorating water heater. These variations are uncomfortable and frustrating, particularly during colder seasons. Substituting your water heater with a new one can consistently supply you with the hot water you require for daily tasks.

10. Foul Smells

Foul odors originating from your hot water taps signify the presence of mold or bacteria in your water tank. The issue typically arises due to water remaining stationary in your tank for long periods, creating an ideal atmosphere for microbial growth. Consider substituting your water tank with a new one to eradicate these foul smells and ensure that your water supply is safe and clean.

To enjoy a constant supply of clean and hot water, rely on us at Raymark Plumbing & Sewer. We have a team of highly skilled professional plumbers committed to providing outstanding services for water treatment, water lines, sewer lines, gas lines, drain cleaning, fixtures, and much more. We also have specialized equipment to detect problems early and avoid costly repairs. If you’re located in or near Seattle, WA and thinking about a new water heater, call us at Raymark Plumbing & Sewer today.

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