Sewage backup is a nasty situation no Seattle, WA, homeowner wants to find themselves facing. However, it may happen occasionally and require the expertise of an experienced plumber to correct the problem. You know you have a sewage issue when you find wastewater coming up through the sinks, tubs, and toilets. Other related symptoms include gurgling noises when draining, persistent foul smells from the drains, and lush spots in your yard. All these indicate that your sewer lines require urgent attention from a plumber.

1. Clogging

When you take a bath, wash utensils, or flush the toilet, the wastewater flows through the drain into the sewer lines. However, when there is an obstruction in the pipes, the water may drain slowly or cause a sewage overflow. Clogs are not an unusual occurrence, and they happen due to particles accumulating in the pipes and obstructing the wastewater path.

Clogging begins with minor solids combining and creating a sticky substance that attaches to the pipe walls. Over time, as more items flow into the water, they stick to the mass and continually build up to a large clog that eventually prevents wastewater from flowing through.

Drain and sewer clogs happen due to allowing the following items down the drains:
  • Female sanitary items
  • Small plastics and toys
  • Pieces of soap
  • Large food particles
  • Hair strands

2. Tree Root Invasion

Tree roots are notorious for damaging sewer lines. Even when you have metal pipes, the roots are persistent and strong. Over time, they can create a crack that allows them to penetrate the lines. The tiny space allows a small extension of the root to enter, which grows over time and widens the gap. As the roots continue to absorb water and grow, they block the path of the water. This causes a sewage backup.

If you have trees on your property, you must closely monitor your sewer pipes. You may think your trees are far from the sewer line, yet roots can span very far from the base of a tree. If you’re planting new landscaping, you should plant trees as far away as possible from your sewer lines.
If tree root invasion is causing your obstruction, we recommend cutting off those roots and repairing the lines using trenchless tactics. This reinforces the pipes and prevents the roots from causing more damage.

3. Collapsed and Damaged Lines

Underground pipes are susceptible to collapsing due to ground movement or human interruption. When there are significant shifts on the surface, such as earthquakes, the pipes may disconnect. This mostly happens at joints or other weak points that can easily break. The collapsed line gets replaced by soil, meaning the wastewater will have nowhere to go. Over time, the sewage will fill the pipes and eventually come up through the sinks and toilets.

Age and wear and tear can also contribute to collapse and sewage backup. Old lines usually get more rust and cracks, making them easy to break because of external pressure. It is essential to replace old pipes to prevent constant repairs to broken and collapsed sewer lines.

4. Heavy Rain

Most sewer lines can efficiently drain the rainwater from your gutters and sump pumps. However, heavy rains that continue for several days can overload the pipes, causing the water to come up through the sinks and toilets. During these cold, rainy days, most people are indoors, and the use of the house’s plumbing increases significantly. If your sewer setup is not adequate, you can overwhelm the pipes quickly.

5. City Sewer Blockage

Sometimes, sewage backup occurs outside your home. This happens when the municipal sewer system has a blockage or collapsed line. The backup may affect several homes in the area since all wastewater goes to one common line. However, such situations usually get attention quickly, and the city will fix the sewage system for optimal flow.

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