When was the last time you invested in sump pump maintenance? If it’s been more than a year, you might want to consider the advantages of routine care. Here are 10 reasons your home needs regular sump pump maintenance.

1. Clear Debris and Sediment

The sump pit is a possible choke point for the sump pump due to the gradual accumulation of silt and debris that occurs. To keep the pump running smoothly during times of heavy rain or melting snow, a technician will clear out the pit during maintenance to prevent clogs.

2. Verify Float Switch Functionality

One of the most essential parts of the sump pump is the float switch, which activates when the water level rises. Inspecting the float switch for free movement and proper pump activation is an important part of routine maintenance. In an emergency, this is an absolute must-do to ensure that the sump pump works as intended.

3. Test Backup Power Source

Your sump pump’s capacity to continue operating after a power loss is dependent upon its backup power source, which might be a generator or battery. Checking the functionality of these backup systems is an essential part of routine maintenance. When power outages are prevalent during storms, this precaution is vital for avoiding basement flooding.

4. Prevent Motor Burnout

The sump pump motors must exert a great deal of effort to remove water from your basement. Lubricating the motor’s moving components regularly during maintenance keeps it from burning out and keeps it running smoothly. As a result, your sump pump will last longer and be less likely to break down unexpectedly.

5. Identify and Fix Leaks

Sump pump inefficiency and possible water damage might result from leaks in the pump’s output line or the pump itself. As part of routine maintenance, a technician will check the pump and its connections for leaks. Preserving the system’s integrity requires swift resolution of these challenges.

6. Maintain Check Valve

Sump pumps include a check valve that stops water from recirculating in the sump pit after it pushes it out. The check valve depends on regular maintenance to stay in excellent working order. This stops water from going back into the pit, which means the pump won’t have to run as often.

7. Ensure Adequate Pump Capacity

Sump pumps lose some of their pumping power due to normal wear and tear as they get older. During maintenance, a technician will verify the capacity of the pump against your basement’s drainage requirements. This helps avoid unnecessary repairs and is especially useful for avoiding problems during times of heavy rain or quick snow melting.

8. Prevent Rust and Corrosion

The sump pump’s framework deteriorates over time as a result of rust and corrosion brought on by prolonged exposure to water. Preventing these concerns and keeping your sump pump in excellent operating condition is possible with periodic inspections and cleaning during maintenance.

9. Maintain Proper Sump Pit Depth

Regular sump pump maintenance includes experts checking the depth of the pit and clearing it of any silt or debris to ensure the pump operates properly. For the sump pump to effectively drain water and avoid flooding in the basement, it is vital to keep the pit in good repair. Making sure the pit is deep enough prevents the pump from becoming overloaded with water during snowmelt or heavy rains. It also guarantees that water will drain away from your property effectively.

10. Ensure Proper Discharge Line Function

During sump pump maintenance, technicians ensure the discharge line functions properly by checking it for obstacles and clearing them. They look for any obstructions or debris that can make it harder to drain the water. If you want water to get away from your house and not back into your basement, you need a clean discharge line. Doing so is critical to keeping the sump pump in good working order. In turn, this protects the foundation from flooding and keeps the property’s structure intact.

Now that you understand the importance of regular sump pump maintenance, it’s time to schedule an appointment. Raymark Plumbing & Sewer also helps Seattle homeowners with plumbing repairs, gas line leaks, water heater maintenance, sewer repairs and replacements, and so much more. Contact us now to schedule maintenance for your sump pump.

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